Teeth Whitening

What is tooth whitening?

It is a simple noninvasive way using various materials to enhance the color of your natural teeth enamel and it is the ideal way to transform your smile.

Having whiter teeth is the number 1 priority in most patient's recent studies show; there are a number of ways in which to whiten your teeth.

We categorize this in 2 ways:

  1. At home systems; this is the most popular system worldwide. A whitening kit is used to bleach your teeth at home while you work and sleep using trays specifically made for you at your dentist. This system involves a tremendous amount of self-discipline but are generally cheaper than the in-office system.
  2. In-Office systems; at our practice we use the ZOOM whitening system which are proven to have great results and least post-op sensitivity. This system involves 3x 15 min sessions in the chair with great results up to 8 shades on average whiter. We utilize modern light activating whitening agents to get the desired results, with no sensitivity. After whitening a take home kit is also given to do touch ups when needed, especially with coffee, wine and smoking habits

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Reasons as to do tooth whitening:

  1. Fluorosis caused by excessive fluoride intake during development of the teeth.
  2. Normal wear of tooth enamel.
  3. When teeth are stained by various medication or habits.
  4. Yellow discolored teeth.

An important aspect to remember is that restorations e.g. Crowns, fillings, veneers etc. cannot be whitened, so it is very important that this be addressed before whitening commence. If the desired color of the teeth has been established by the whitening process, the restorations can then be altered to match the new white color of the natural teeth.

So, to answer the question, there is definitely a wrong and right, with the right system in the right hands great results can be achieved but the wrong system and incapable hands will have dramatic effects including post op sensitivity, burn lesion on gums and even sun burn from the extremely sharp UV light.

  • Jennifer
    As a student life is all about opportunities, not just the ones given but also the ones taken. I figured looking neat and in top shape will help me to take the opportunities given to me with confidence. I could see a difference in the way people look at me, it is great. After all it is in this few years where I am bound to meet my husband. Excited. #zoomsmiles."
    Potchefstroom, South Africa
  • Helen
    I always wanted to do something about my ugly discolored teeth. At age 50 I thought that today is the day, Dr Verster and Burger used the latest whitening system and after 60 minutes my teeth were brand new. I absolutely love it now. I am sad that I never did it 15 years earlier. Thank you for the opportunity to write this review, I would recommend this to everyone.
    White River, South Africa
  • Angelino
    Having whiter teeth gave me confidence. I felt no sensitivity and it is almost 2 years after treatment and my teeth looks sparkling white. I brought my husband to the practice to whiten his teeth also. Thank you."
    Maputo, Mozambique